How to make 🍋“Limoncello”/ “Limoncino” at home

The preparation of “Limoncello” or “Limoncino” during an event, at the special request of one of my clients a few years ago

Limoncello is an authentic Italian lemon-flavored liqueur, highly appreciated in Italy and around the world.

Sometimes pronounced limoncino (northern Italy) others Limoncello (southern Italy)

I’m not a regular drinker and actually, as written in my latest book – The Black and White “Smile” I haven’t been drinking alcohol in a year.

But that doesn’t mean we’re all the same 🙂

So look below for the recipe for an authentic Italian homemade Limoncello.

 Ingredients for 1 liters of limoncello:

 – 5-8 untreated lemons

 – ½ liter of alcohol at 90 °

 – 350 grams of sugar

 – 0.7 liter of water

 Limoncello recipe procedure:

 First, wash the lemons thoroughly

 Dry them well with a clean cloth

 Prepare the alcohol and a glass jar with a fairly large cap

 With a knife or a potato peeler remove the very thin peel from the lemons, being careful not to take the white part; put the peels in the glass container and add the alcohol

 Close the glass container and mix well.

 Leave the lemon zeste  to soak in alcohol for a week, shaking the container from time to time;  you will see that the alcohol will become more and more yellow and the lemon peels increasingly clear

 After 7 days, prepare the sugar and water syrup;  in a saucepan, heat the water then add the sugar

 Heat over low heat, stirring until the sugar has all dissolved then turn off and let cool

 And here is our limoncello ready to be filtered

 Proceed to filter the limoncello with the help of a sieve and another large container

 And here is the limoncello ready to be bottled

Enjoy it in moderation 😉 

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