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3 easy and simple steps for oven Roasted Chestnuts

ByCristian Marino

Sep 21, 2021

The autumn fruits par excellence: chestnuts! There are more than a hundred varieties, including chestnuts and “marroni”

In Italy we prepare this very simple recipe

Ingredients are Chestnuts 🌰, sea salt and water

For an optimal cooking of the chestnuts in the oven, start by notching the chestnuts: choose the perfectly intact ones and make a horizontal cut of about 3 cm,

then pour them into a large bowl and pour the water .

Soak them for at least 2 hours.

Thanks to this procedure it will be easier to peel them once cooked.

After the necessary time, drain the chestnuts and, if you want, you can use a cloth to dry them well.

Cook the “chestnuts” by distributing them evenly on a pan lined with coarse sea salt.Bake the chestnuts in the oven at 180 ° for about 25-30 minutes.

Once ready, take out of the oven and let the chestnuts cool. Serve the chestnuts in the middle of the table, ideal to share with friends and or family.

Buon Appetito

Baked chestnuts / castagne al forno

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