Cristian Marino Chef and Traveller since 1999

Hi I’m Cristian Marino,
an chef and author from Italy
who loves to travel the world sharing my 20+ years of experience with others .

Cristian Marino ,Maldives
Cristian Marino ,Maldives
Cristian Marino
Cristian Marino, Maldives
Cristian Marino
Cristian Marino Kitchen “Rules”

Flagship service of Cristian Marino is the “CMMenu” a signed menu by Chef Cristian Marino , an authentic Italian menu solely conceived for your business , where Chef Cristian undertakes to design , implement and maintain it with scheduled visits throughout the year.

Consultation for pre- opening or re-opening of hotels and restaurants

Examples of my services include : Menu design, engineering and costing for a la carte and C&B | kitchen setup from scratch | implementation of HACCP or USPH standards | Identify new staff members utilising the over 30 thousand connections via my personal LinkedIn account.

For the day to day running or underperforming Italian, Mediterranean restaurants I can offer :

Short terms collaborations whereby I will analyse your menu, offer and discuss with the General Managers and / or owners providing my feedback . I will create and present a new menu and once approved I will train the staff the necessary skills for four days.

Use myself as a “Guest Chef” , my image and my highly appreciated social media to promote your hotel, F&B outlet or restaurant. We can fully customise the collaboration . For example I can design and cook with your chef a set menu for a special evening , be the protagonist of your kitchen for a day or I can eat and share my honest and valuable feedback on my social media about the experience .Additionally I am able to assist as either a Special guest chef for show cooking , cooking lessons for private events

Possibilities are endless !

Others services, Cooking lessons and more :

You can use my attention for details and worldwide experience as a mystery shopper. I could stay one or two nights in your hotel and provide a fully detailed report of the overall experience with focus in F&B to identify the missed opportunities of up selling and providing professional feedback in regard food , drinks and service quality.

Additionally I am able to assist as either a Special guest chef for show cooking , cooking lessons for private events

If you are looking forward to know me better and collaborate with me please contact me via email , phone or WhatApp

Cristian Marino Italian executive chef Maldives
Cristian Marino , Maldives