How to make a poached eggs

Do you want to learn how to make a poached egg ?

Poached Eggs
eggs specials “BREAKFAST”

Do you want to learn how to make the perfect poached egg?

The “secret” to poached eggs?

Very Simple, follow the 5 steps below:

The freshness of the eggs is very important, if the eggs are not very fresh it will be difficult to obtain perfect poached eggs.

1 Open the egg and pour it into a small bowl

2 Boil some water with a teaspoon of white wine or apple vinegar, the water should simmer.

3 When the water starts to simmer and with the help of a spoon, turn the water clockwise to create a small swirl.

4 Gently pour the egg into the pot into the whirlwind of water and vinegar, “I advise you not to cook more than 2 eggs at a time.”

5 Leave to cook for about 3-5 minutes, at this point remove the eggs with the help of a slotted spoon and gently lay them with kitchen paper and gently dry the egg.

Now you can gently move the egg on the plate and decorate as you like.

Buon appetito

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