Il “Sorriso” in Bianco e Nero: Edizione speciale di – Le “Ricette” dietro il Sorriso

Italian style “Oysters au Gratin” by Cristian Marino

Oysters au gratin in Prosecco sauceOysters au gratin with Prosecco sauce are a refined appetizer and particularly suitable for those who do not eat raw shellfish. Oysters au gratin with prosecco wine sauce, an elegant seafood appetizer of great Italian or French character ( in case you prefers Champagne wine ) , are a “special”…

Tropical fruit:Mangosteen characteristics and curiosities of this fruit !

Mangosteen also known as mangoustan is considered by many to be the best of the exotic fruits. As large as an apricot , with a thick purplish / brown skin, it contains a white and velvety pulp divided into segments, with a sweet and delicate flavour. Description of the plant The mangosteen tree (Garcinia mangostana)…

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