Il “Sorriso” in Bianco e Nero: Edizione speciale di – Le “Ricette” dietro il Sorriso

Italian Executive Chef Cristian Marino

Italian food explained – Opinion of an Italian Executive Chef

Many people ask me what Italian cuisine means to me.So I decided to express my opinion about Italian cuisine and food in general in this article. Italian cuisine is a lifestyle for me and here are 7 points that I want to share with you. In conclusion, Italian cuisine and therefore Italian food is for…

cristian marino salad chef

International Chefs Day 2022 in the name of well-being and simplicity

International Chef’s Day 2022 is about simplicity ! This year my work commitment leads me to celebrate this important day for the second time here in the Maldives. Every year the International Chefs’ Day is celebrated across the globe on 20 October to create awareness about the profession and celebrate it.It was instituted to remind…

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