10 Rules of the Chef in the Modern Era

Ten “Rules” of the Chef by Cristian Marino:

The world of work has changed a lot and consequently also the way of working in the kitchen.
When I started my career in the 1990s, chefs were famous for being fat and arrogant.
Nowadays, many new-generation chefs are fit and with a very different attitude. But just as many others are still so “old-fashioned.”

After writing my first book- The recipes of my smile, I decided to follow my advice and apply it in the “World of the kitchen.” Some of my colleagues worldwide disagree very much with some points, as they believe that we must keep our distance and be “tough” to avoid losing credibility and respect.

The 10 “kitchen rules” explained
10 rules by Cristian Marino
10 ” Rules” of the Chef in the Modern Era by Cristian Marino
  • 1. Be optimistic
  • 2. Find a reason to smile
  • 3. Forget yesterday
  • 4. Plan ahead for tomorrow
  • 5. Help each other
  • 6. Look at the big picture
  • 7. Don’t take it personally
  • 8. Use your creativity
  • 9. Be relevant
  • 10. The Chef is not always right, but it is not recommended to contradict him 

Be optimistic: It is at the top of the list as it is the key to opening the other doors.

Find a reason to smile: There is more than one reason to smile every day, and the job is easier when you work with a sincere smile. Above all, it helps to create a positive atmosphere in the kitchen.

Forget about yesterday: I am a big believer in this philosophy. Both successes and failures must be put aside because, today, we must focus on doing better for ourselves and our customers.

Plan for tomorrow: Always be one step ahead in the kitchen. Checking everything for the next day is very important for achieving goals.

Help each other: We must never forget that we are human beings and, therefore, can be difficult. However, there is nothing “to be afraid of”in asking for help; we are companions and colleagues.

Look at the big picture: this is a crucial point because someone could lose the ultimate goal when you work in extensive teams. However, for us who work in the kitchen, it will always remain to make our guests happy and give them good memories to take with them when the holiday is over.

Don’t take it personally: in the kitchen, you can never miss moments of tension; it is perfectly normal when you are in a big team and preparing food for many people. The important thing is to remember that when are moments of firmness on the part of a superior, it is always intended to correct an error that could lead to the failure of the final goal. It is never against the person himself but always a corrective action for the team and, therefore, the common goal.

Use your creativity: I am convinced that all team members are gifted with imagination for cooking and solving minor problems that may arise.

So I always try to “unlock” their creativity with small or large projects according to their abilities and encourage them to try.

Being relevant is extremely important in communication between colleagues and creating and executing the daily priority list to optimize the time available and thus reach the goal sooner and better.

10. The Chef is not always right, but it is not recommended to contradict Him: I think this explains itself 😉

These are my 10 “Rules” in the kitchen; let me know what you think in the comments.

Grazie e a presto ,
Cristian Marino

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  1. Plan ahead for tomorrow , use your creativity , look at the big picture.

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