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Chef Consultant , Cristian Marino

I help Italian Restaurants worldwide to become Authentic!

I’m based in Dubai and provide consultation services for Italian restaurants worldwide to help them establish their distinct identity and authenticity. My services include menu design and implementation. I can assist you at your organization, anywhere or remotely.”

My flagship service is the “CMmenu,” a signed menu by Chef Cristian Marino, an authentic Italian menu exclusively conceived for your business. I undertake to design, implement, and maintain the Cristian Marino Menu with scheduled visits throughout the year. This concept brings an authentic Italian dining experience to restaurants worldwide.

Currently, my schedule is completely booked until January 2024. However, I would be delighted to discuss possibly working together once that time arrives. If you want to schedule a meeting, don’t hesitate to contact me by pressing the button below. I appreciate your interest and am happy to assist you.

Cristian Marino

In addition to the CM-Menu, Cristian Marino provides the following services:

Bring Healthy Habits and Teamwork to Your Kitchen with a Qualified Health and Nutrition Life Coach”

With my experience as a chef with big and small international teams, qualifications in health nutrition life coaching, and being the author of the 10 Rules of the Chef in the Modern Era, I can help your kitchen staff transition to healthier principles. As a result, the team will become stronger and more closely knit.

Chef Brings a Taste of Italy to Schools Around the World

The unique Italian cooking consultancy service for private schools. This initiative will allow students to explore different flavors, textures, and cooking techniques while learning more about Italian cuisine. With this service, students can learn delicious dishes from different Italian regions, allowing them to expand their culinary palette and gain a deeper understanding of one of the best cuisines in the world!

Experienced Executive Chef for Short-Term Assignments

Do you need a pre-opening Executive Chef for your restaurant or hotel? Look no further. With over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry worldwide, I am available for a short-term assignment. I have a proven track record of success in building successful culinary teams, and I am well-versed in developing innovative menu ideas that are both creative and cost-effective. In addition, as an experienced Executive Chef with international brands and over 30k connections on LinkedIn, I can help you find new staff and bring your new kitchens to life!