Chef and Traveler


I’m Cristian Marino, an Italian Chef who loves traveling and living a healthy lifestyle.

Welcome to my blog from the dazzling Maldives!

Drawing on my over 20 years of travel experience in different countries worldwide, I created this site in 2018 to keep in touch with you and provide simple recipes that can be made at home. This blog will keep you updated on my travels worldwide and introduce you to interesting new ingredients. So, if you’re interested in discovering some good recipes, are curious about food, and love to travel, you may have landed in the right place.

Cristian Marino Maldives

Latest Post

Exploring the Unique Screw Pine Drink of the Maldives

What is Screw Pine and How Does it Taste? Screw pine, also known as pandanus, is a tropical plant that has been used for centuries in Southeast Asian cooking. Its leaves have a unique flavor that has been described as sweet and nutty, with hints of coconut and lime. The leaves are often used to…

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