Italian food explained – Opinion of an Italian Executive Chef

Italian Executive Chef Cristian Marino
Italian Executive Chef- Cristian Marino , Maldives

Many people ask me what Italian cuisine means to me.
So I decided to express my opinion about Italian cuisine and food in general in this article.

Italian cuisine is a lifestyle for me and here are 7 points that I want to share with you.

  1. Simple: People who know me know that I am a fan of simplicity and Italian food is based on simplicity as the main ingredients are the basis of all Italian recipes.
  2. Authentic:To eat tasty food and ensure that foods are able to provide adequate energy value, it is essential that the ingredients are of first quality and therefore genuine and authentic.
  3. Traditional: Each region is intrinsic to its own tradition and this can only be reflected in the food that the typical Italian family eats every day. There are three daily meals that are part of the Italian tradition and they are: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfast is usually sweet with coffee, milk, croissants, biscuits or homemade cakes. Carbohydrates cannot be missing at lunch and therefore pasta and fruit at the end of the meal. The evening is usually dedicated to protein so meat, fish, eggs or cheese is “mandatory” according to tradition. On the other hand, at the weekend, Saturday evening is dedicated to pizza and Sunday lunch to the festive menu with antipasti ( starter ),primo ( first course) , secondo ( main course) and dolce (dessert).
  4. Km 0: Italy is a lucky country full of fantastic ingredients, so in every region we tend to eat the products offered by their own land, even if in big cities the situation changes a bit as the frenetic pace and needs of the citizen are different and therefore you have less time to cook and sometimes are satisfied with pre-cooked and imported foods.
  5. Fresh: Compared with other countries in the world, Italy has a vast choice of fresh products, therefore most families try to use Italian, local and therefore fresh products.
  6. Colourful: Just think of the red of tomatoes, the white of mozzarella, the green of broccoli or basil and dozens of other typical Italian products to understand that Italian dining tables are full of colour.Eating naturally colored products is also synonymous with a varied and healthy diet.
  7. Healthy: Last point on the list, but not least is healthy eating. Healthy eating is one of the main objectives for Italian families, which is why we try to distribute the right amount of nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, mineral salts), without forgetting of course spring water, essential for proper hydration.

In conclusion, Italian cuisine and therefore Italian food is for me a lifestyle that gives me taste and well-being, is this perhaps the reason for the many restaurants around the world?

Italian food is for me a lifestyle that gives me taste and well-being.

Cristian Marino ,
The Healthy Italian Chef

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