Happy Holidays from the Maldives – Reflections of an Italian chef on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle

Cristian Marino executive Italian chef . Healthy lifestyle
Cristian Marino executive Italian chef . Healthy lifestyle in the Maldives

This December article can’t help but talk about the year that’s coming to an end.

While the kitchen works at full speed to give moments of happiness to our guests here in the Maldives during the Christmas holidays.

I took a moment to tell you some updates and to share some goals that I have set for next year, which could be a starting point to start a year dedicated to well-being for you too..

People sometimes believe that choosing a healthy life means giving up something. On the contrary, after almost 3 years of leading a healthy lifestyle, I am increasingly convinced that the general perception is often wrong.

Living in a healthy way is not a sacrifice but rather an immense gain, here are some benefits that can be acquired by leading a healthy life:

  • You wake up with the desire to get out of bed and face the day in the best possible way because you rested well.
  • You have a “healthy appetite” in the morning and having breakfast is a pleasure because you eat with gusto(enthusiastic enjoyment).
  • You are sociable with people even early in the morning because you don’t need a few hours to be wide awake.
  • You are much more productive at work and more active in your free time.
  • You have a “healthy desire” and not a sense of constraint in carrying out a sporting activity that is light like a long walk or a little more demanding like swimming, gym, etc…
  • You make better use of the time at your disposal because you have more positive energy and therefore in the evening you can be sociable and in a good mood even after a long day at work.
  • You fall asleep thinking about the pleasure of a good rest and the emotion of a serene awakening.

I realize that for some this may just be fantasy because life is filled with many other situations and problems.
But I remain of the opinion that a body that eats healthy food and a mind that feeds on optimistic a thoughts can overcome daily challenges more strongly.

I’m Cristian Marino, a chef who has been traveling the world since 1999 and in recent years I’ve been increasingly appreciating the value of simple things and healthy living. This is why I try to improve myself continuously and carve out time to increase my knowledge .

Now I’m a little more aware of the benefits of healthy living thanks also to these two new certifications.

  • Cristian Marino, certified Health & Nutrition Life Coach.
  • Cristian Marino,fully accredited professional nutritionist diploma course

My goal is to be an inspiration to people who would like to lead a healthier and therefore more serene life. Happy Holidays Everyone!

Cristian Marino

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