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11 June – Global wellness day: reflections of an Italian chef in the Maldives

ByCristian Marino

Jun 11, 2022
Cristian Marino Italian executive chef Maldives
Cristian Marino Italian executive chef Maldives
Cristian Marino,Maldives

June 11 Global Wellness Day, today the world celebrates the Day of Wellness. I am a person who deeply believes in the importance of a healthy lifestyle and therefore I feel compelled to reflect and share some points with you.

Certainly food is very important, eating healthy and well is increasingly difficult in the modern times in which we live.
What I really appreciate here in the Maldives is the fact of being able to live in contact with nature.
This helps us a lot to stay fit both physically and mentally.

It is exactly two years that I have adopted this healthy lifestyle, preferring fruit, vegetables, fresh fish, very little red meat and poultry in moderation.
I totally eliminated the consumption of alcohol.
A little swimming when possible, a little bicycle or long walks.
Simple gestures that help me and could help you stay fit too.

So on this day dedicated to the well being of the person we preferred to offer some more healthy options to motivate our guests of the resort here in the Maldives to eat healthy.
Among others: vegetables from the island’s garden cooked in the oven, three different types of muesli with lemongrass and mango, with coconut from local palm trees and with passion fruit.

If you want to try a particular muesli try this recipe by clicking here

And you ? What do you think of a healthy life?

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Cristian Marino , Maldives
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