5 June World Environment Day: consideration of the Chef & Traveler Cristian Marino

World Environment Day Significance and personal opinion from a chef who lives in the Maldives

Cristian Marino , Maldives

World Environment Day, which is celebrated every year on June 5, is the largest annual event of the United Nations to promote positive environmental action, aimed at raising awareness in the world for the protection of our planet. Since the first World Environment Day in 1974, the event has grown to become a global platform for public awareness of the environment in over 100 countries.

For us who work in hospitality and more precisely in the food and beverage sector it is a special day that makes us reflect on the importance of protecting the environment.

I am very lucky to work in the Maldives especially on this island so full of vegetation like the bananas in the photo collected a couple of days ago and left to ripen to the right point.
Personally, as a chef, having spent my childhood in Calabria, I appreciated the value of nature and simple things from an early age.

This is why I try to offer together with my team simple recipes, not very elaborate such as local aubergine deep or a baked fish from the Maldivian reef (if you want the recipe click here) with vegetables .

In conclusion: let’s remember that everything we eat is tastier and healthier if it grows in a healthy environment.

And you ? What is your point of view on World Environment Day?

It is enough to walk in nature to rediscover authentic flavors

Cristian Marino
reef fish locally sourced , Maldives
Reef fish locally sourced , Maldives

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