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The ” Recipes ” of my Smile

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This book is not meant to be a cookbook but rather a way to share what I have learned in this unusual year, 2020.

The optimistic approach to life helped me overcome an unpleasant situation I experienced as a victim of human rights violations at Kuala Lumpur Airport. 

My journey retraces the 12 months spent across: Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Bucharest, Dubai, and Calabria. 

The 12 recipes cooked during the quarantine period lived in Bucharest in 2020 represent the symbol of a year of pandemic and the importance of keeping the smile factor in every “Recipe.” 

My story will help you look at things from a different perspective to learn some secrets of my life and cuisine. 

Above all, to remind you of the importance of Smiling. 

Let’s go and find out together 

The “Recipes” of my Smile

Mine is a pure personal testimony of the benefits I have had during the year thanks to three simple habits:

1 A balanced diet

2 No Alcoholic drinks

3 A little physical activity in my daily routine (No hard work)

These three simple habits helped me stay calm, keep an optimistic outlook on life and then focus on reinventing myself in my work.

You are now ready to enter my world through this book,

let’s go and find out together:

The “Recipes” of my Smile!