Tropical fruit: Mangosteen characteristics and curiosities of this fruit!

Mangosteen , Maldives

Mangosteen, also known as mangoustan, is considered by many to be the best of the exotic fruits. As large as an apricot, with thick purplish/brown skin, it contains a white and soft pulp divided into segments with a sweet and delicate flavor.

Description of the plant The mangosteen tree (Garcinia mangostana) is a tropical evergreen capable of reaching twenty meters in height. The fruit is dark purple when ripe, spherical, and with a woody exocarp. The pulp inside is divided into delicate, buttery white segments with a fresh, watery, aromatic flavor reminiscent of the rose. Within them, you can find seeds.

To taste it, just cut the cap with a small knife, and peel it delicately, taking the pulp (paying attention to the central seed).

Mangosteen gives a unique taste to your sweet recipes. Try it paired with lemon ice cream!

Mangosteen curiosities

Mangosteen is known as “the queen of fruits.” this is due to a legend in which Queen Victoria, hearing the praises of her taste, gave away a fair sum for those who could make her taste a fresh mangosteen fruit from one of her colonies. This way, the “queen fruit” became “the queen of fruit.” Recently, mangosteen-based products have been placed on the market in various countries that exaggerate their healing qualities, leading to misleading advertising.

Mangosteen can be used as fruit at the end of a meal. Also, as a base for smoothies, sorbets, or desserts.

Its taste will win you over, and I’m sure it will also unlock your creativity in the kitchen.


Mangosteen , Maldives
Tropical fruit: Mangosteen and Rambutan, Maldives

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  1. thedauw Dauw says:

    Yes, the mangosteen is the most delicious

    Pada tanggal Sab, 11 Des 2021 19.27, Cristian Marino menulis:

    > Cristian Marino posted: ” Mangosteen and Rambutan, Maldives Mangosteen > also known as mangoustan is considered by many to be the best of the exotic > fruits. As large as an apricot , with a thick purplish / brown skin, it > contains a white and velvety pulp divided into seg” >


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