Cod al “Cartoccio”

Cartoccio is an Italian cooking method which means cooking on a paper wrapper or aluminum foil Do you want to learn how to cook ” Al Cartoccio “? See the recipe below Ingredients: 350 g of white of cod fish fillet, I have used cod for this recipe, but any fish  would work just fine 50g…

Venere Rice the Italian gluten free excellence

Venere rice is a healthy food . In fact, it has a high concentration of fibers, mineral salts and antioxidants. Contains vegetable proteins and is naturally gluten-free like any other type of rice, so it can be safely consumed even by those with celiac disease. Here is my version with baked mackerel

Calamari Ripieni

Oggi vi regalo una ricetta | Today I give you a recipe Ferragosto is coming soon a day of celebrating summer with friends and family. I give you as present my personal recipe of Calamari Ripieni ( stuffed calamari ) Ingredients:4 Calamari | 40 g of minced bread crumbs (from old bread) | 1 egg…

Lentil soup with shrimp and Serrano ham!

Cooking with Cristian during Quarantine now in IGTV , facebook and YouTube , My small contribution during these difficult times . I hope you enjoy the recipes and my company 🙂

Risotto with shrimps, clams and dried tomatoes

Recipe for 4 people Ingredients : Carnaroli rice 250 gr White wine 1 dL Shrimps 16/20 300 gr Clams 500 gr Onion 30 gr Fresh garlic one clove Curly parsley 10 gr Extra virgin olive oil 1 dL Lemon jus ( few drops ) Cherry tomatoes 20 pieces Bake the cherry tomatoes in oven at…

About Simplicity

“I like to keep it simple in my kitchen , the ingredients are the authentic protagonists ” CM  Risotto with lobster and his bisque.The three main ingredients are Carnaroli rice , lobster and extra virgin olive oil .The essence of beauty & taste in a plate .A very good example of Simplicity in the kitchen