Cristian Marino| Chef & Traveler Since 1999

Cristian Marino (39 Year Old) is an Italian Chef and Author born in Milan in February 1982 who grew up between Calabria and the world ! Executive Chef who studied gastronomy at the prestigious Italian institute, ‘E. Maggia Stresa’ on the shores of Lake Maggiore in Northern Italy and with over 20 years’ experience gained across a range of highly successful restaurants, hotels and cruise ships . Marriott International , Radisson Hotel Group , Silversea Cruises , InterContinental Hotels group and Rotana Hotel Management are some of the Internationals brands Cristian Marino has worked for .

Inspired from a young age by his parents who ran their own restaurant in Southern Italy in the region of Calabria , the passion has taken Cristian across Italy , Europe , Middle East and Asia where he has gained extensive culinary and life experiences .
After his last assignment as an Executive Chef for two Marriott hotels in Surabaya ,on the island of Java in Indonesia . Chef Cristian Marino has decided to take up the profession of Global Chef Consultant and now travels all over the world sharing his experience through differentiated and personalised services

The “CMMenu ” by Chef Cristian Marino

My flagship service is the ‘CM Menu’, a signed menu by Chef Cristian Marino, an authentic Italian menu solely conceived for your business. Where undertake to design, implement and maintain it with scheduled visits throughout the year. The basic idea for this scheme is to provide my menu to the authentic Italian restaurants and international hotels worldwide

Chef Cristian Marino 

Some ” Highlights from past interviews” and the related links :
Cristian was inspired to cook at an early age by spending time in the family’s kitchen, tasting and helping his parents in their own local restaurant.
“I grew up in a restaurant. My best daily TV show was observing my parents running the restaurant, so I believe the passion for cooking is a gift from them” says the Executive Chef in one his Interviews.

Cristian Marino: Italian “Rock Star” Chef Gives Back with More Experience

Executive chef Cristian Marino
Vitello Tonnato
Tuna salad
Tortiglioni ai funghi
Prawns salad
Frisella integrale
Scallops with asparagus
Mushroom ravioli
Giovedì Gnocchi
Western breakfast corner
Mozzarella and avocado
Spaghetti al pomodoro
Classic veal schnitzel
Spaghetti with scampi
Verdure sandwich

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    Very good Cristian, i want learn with you
    I hope you success and always spirit. God bless you 😍


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