Italian food explained – Opinion of an Italian Executive Chef

Many people ask me what Italian cuisine means to me.So I decided to express my opinion about Italian cuisine and food in general in this article. Italian cuisine is a lifestyle for me and here are 7 points that I want to share with you. In conclusion, Italian cuisine and therefore Italian food is for…

What are the benefits of wholemeal pasta?

Pasta integrale and the good result based on the experience of Cristian Marino What are the benefits of wholemeal pasta? Wholemeal pasta has fully entered the diet of many people. But what are the real benefits it brings to our body? Let’s find out : Wholemeal pasta has now fully entered the diet of many…

La mia Carbonara sbagliata con asparagi

La mia Carbonara “Sbagliata” Cooking with Cristian during Quarantine now in You Tube . My small contribution during these difficult times .In honor of the carbonara day of the 6 th of April here is my revised recipe with asparagus instead of guanciale ( pork cheek )

Home Cooking ​with Cristian

During this quarantine time adapting myself to the situation and home cooking some basic but very tasty recipes … Here my version of “Penne ai 5 cereali” with red onions, cherry tomatoes, arugula and Parmigiano Reggiano! Buon appetito :))) 🌞